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Diagrams and visualizations using Mermaid

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Diagrams and visualizations using Mermaid

The Mermaid Pack lets you create diagrams and visualizations using text. This doc demonstrates what is possible with different examples.
Mermaid is a JavaScript based diagramming and charting tool that takes Markdown-inspired text definitions and creates diagrams dynamically. With the Mermaid Pack you can draw different charts and diagrams using simple Coda formulas and render them as images.
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Morning routine
Wake up
Drink coffee
Kids to school
There are no rows in this table
participant Aliceparticipant BobAlice->>John: Hello John, how are you?loop Healthcheck John->>John: Fight against hypochondriaendNote right of John: Rational thoughts <br/>prevail!John-->>Alice: Great!John->>Bob: How about you?Bob-->>John: Jolly good!

Class01 <|-- AveryLongClass : CoolClass03 *-- Class04Class05 o-- Class06Class07 .. Class08Class09 --> C2 : Where am i?Class09 --* C3Class09 --|> Class07Class07 : equals()Class07 : Object[] elementDataClass01 : size()Class01 : int chimpClass01 : int gorillaClass08 <--> C2: Cool label
[*] --> StillStill --> [*]Still --> MovingMoving --> StillMoving --> CrashCrash --> [*]
CUSTOMER ||--o{ ORDER : placesORDER ||--|{ LINE-ITEM : containsCUSTOMER }|..|{ DELIVERY-ADDRESS : uses
title My working daysection Go to work Make tea: 5: Me Go upstairs: 3: Me Do work: 1: Me, Catsection Go home Go downstairs: 5: Me Sit down: 5: Me
dateFormat YYYY-MM-DDtitle Adding GANTT diagram to mermaidexcludes weekdays 2014-01-10
section A sectionCompleted task :done, des1, 2014-01-06,2014-01-08Active task :active, des2, 2014-01-09, 3dFuture task : des3, after des2, 5dFuture task2 : des4, after des3, 5d
title Pets adopted by volunteers'Dogs' : 386'Cats' : 85'Rats' : 15
requirement test_req { id: 1 text: the test text. risk: high verifymethod: test}
element test_entity { type: simulation}
test_entity - satisfies -> test_req
commitcommitbranch developcheckout developcommitcommitcheckout mainmerge developcommitcommit
C4Context title System Context diagram for Internet Banking System Enterprise_Boundary(b0, "BankBoundary0") { Person(customerA, "Banking Customer A", "A customer of the bank, with personal bank accounts.") Person(customerB, "Banking Customer B") Person_Ext(customerC, "Banking Customer C", "desc")
Person(customerD, "Banking Customer D", "A customer of the bank, <br/> with personal bank accounts.")
System(SystemAA, "Internet Banking System", "Allows customers to view information about their bank accounts, and make payments.")
Enterprise_Boundary(b1, "BankBoundary") {
SystemDb_Ext(SystemE, "Mainframe Banking System", "Stores all of the core banking information about customers, accounts, transactions, etc.")
System_Boundary(b2, "BankBoundary2") { System(SystemA, "Banking System A") System(SystemB, "Banking System B", "A system of the bank, with personal bank accounts. next line.") }
System_Ext(SystemC, "E-mail system", "The internal Microsoft Exchange e-mail system.") SystemDb(SystemD, "Banking System D Database", "A system of the bank, with personal bank accounts.")
Boundary(b3, "BankBoundary3", "boundary") { SystemQueue(SystemF, "Banking System F Queue", "A system of the bank.") SystemQueue_Ext(SystemG, "Banking System G Queue", "A system of the bank, with personal bank accounts.") } } }
BiRel(customerA, SystemAA, "Uses") BiRel(SystemAA, SystemE, "Uses") Rel(SystemAA, SystemC, "Sends e-mails", "SMTP") Rel(SystemC, customerA, "Sends e-mails to")
UpdateElementStyle(customerA, $fontColor="red", $bgColor="grey", $borderColor="red") UpdateRelStyle(customerA, SystemAA, $textColor="blue", $lineColor="blue", $offsetX="5") UpdateRelStyle(SystemAA, SystemE, $textColor="blue", $lineColor="blue", $offsetY="-10") UpdateRelStyle(SystemAA, SystemC, $textColor="blue", $lineColor="blue", $offsetY="-40", $offsetX="-50") UpdateRelStyle(SystemC, customerA, $textColor="red", $lineColor="red", $offsetX="-50", $offsetY="20")
UpdateLayoutConfig($c4ShapeInRow="3", $c4BoundaryInRow="1")
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