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Bubble Pack: Start Here

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Connect Bubble with Coda

Use these step-by-step instructions to connect your Bubble account with Coda.

1. Click Insert in the upper right of your Coda doc.

2. Select “Packs”.


3. Search for “Bubble” and select the Pack. A new window will open, click on “Add to doc”.


4. Connecting your account. For this step you will need your address and API Token.

Api-blog-test | Bubble Editor 2022-10-05 12-42-11.png
Head to the Settings tab of your Bubble app, you will see your Workflow and Data API URLs. You can copy your domain from there, in this case .
Below you will see the API Tokens section where you will be able to create a new one. You will use your domain and the api token to connect your account, then click continue.
Next you will have to choose if you want to connect to your Development or Live environments. If you are just trying the Pack out and making some test then I recommend connecting to Development first, you can then connect to Live in a different doc.

5. A window will open asking who can view and take actions in Bubble from your Coda doc.

You can anyone this doc is shared with: Anyone with access to this doc can use will be able to see your Bubble data.
Nobody: You won’t be able to view data from Bubble.
Only you: Bubble will be set up in this doc, but if others want to take actions in Bubble they will have to log in with their Bubble accounts to do so.
Anyone this doc is shared with: Anyone with access to this doc can use your Bubble authorization credentials to take actions via Bubble, like creating or deleting entries from Bubble.
Nobody: Other users will only be able to see data but not take actions.

6. Done! You have connected your Bubble account with Coda and you are now ready to see your account data in your docs 🎉

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