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State of HTML Planning
Demographics questions are not listed here.
(not all outline has been ported yet)

Types of Questions

Feature questions

Each section has a table that lists “Feature questions”. These will be questions about certain web platform features that will be in this style ():
1.3 MB
1.1 MB
OR in this style:
The Feature questions listed in each section are subset views of the table in the . Since each feature can belong to more than one focus areas, the total count of features across these tables may be greater than the actual feature questions.

Checkboxes with sentiment chips

These are series of checkboxes with optional sentiment chips. They look like this ():
837.3 kB
In a way, they are a condensed form of feature questions, measuring 2/3 of the things feature questions measure (sentiment + either usage or awareness).
They are mainly used for stable features (where awareness is less relevant) and tooling questions, to avoid the 5-answer format per tool that older State of surveys use.
There is a chance we may not be able to have this implemented in time, in which case some of the items will need to move to separate Feature questions, and the rest to stay as plain checkboxes (no sentiment).

Checkbox questions with multiple custom answers

Checkbox questions that also accept one or more custom answers
862.1 kB
This pattern may also co-exist with the sentiment chips above (though the freeform answers will not have sentiment chips).
There is a chance we may not be able to have this implemented in time, in which case we would need to use the current UI which only accepts a single “Other” option, which means we need to include a lot more predefined options

Freeform lists

Lists of freeform answers ().
541.2 kB
There is a chance we may not be able to have this implemented in time, in which case these questions will need to be converted to freeform questions (see below).

Freeform questions

These are entirely unstructured questions

Alternative groupings

Combine Forms with Interactivity?
Split DOM and Interactivity?
Combine Using Web Components with Making Web Components?
Combine External Content with Content?
Combine Accessibility and Internationalization?
Combine Internationalization and Content?

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