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Pantry & Recipes

This template allows you to add ingredients to your pantry and create recipes from those ingredients.


I really like cooking. Unfortunately, I lack the foresight and creativity to keep my pantry stocked in ways that would allow me to create anything else than simple pasta with tomato sauce! I got the idea to create a dynamic shopping list from a friend who would organize their shopping list as a check-list that would always show what is currently in their pantry.
I decided to take it to the next level and pair it with recipes to always show what I can cook.

What you will find here

A pantry where you can categorize your items in different categories, add new items to your pantry and see in one view what you currently need to buy. It’s also organized in simple items that you would always have in your pantry vs. special or advanced items that you would buy for specific recipes.
A list of recipes organized by which items are needed to cook it and whether its for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
A randomized suggestion of what to cook each day based on what is currently in your pantry.

How can you recreate pantry template?

It’s ready to work out of the box. You wouldn’t want to use my recipes, though. Check the pantry and remove what you usually do not buy and make it up-to-date according to what you currently have in stock or what you usually buy.
Once you added all your items, you can start adding your recipes and select the needed items from the dropdown. Then the recipe suggestions will work


Go to and add/remove items you have in your pantry.
Perishable items will be highlighted red based on the number of days you input for that item (and how many days have passed).
Add your recipes to and select the ingredients for that recipe from .
Click the "Show Others" button to see alternative meals you can cook!

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