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Did you do it? - Power of Habit

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An interactive framework for implementing The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.

Did you do it?


Hello! 😀

Thanks for checking out my template!

What you will find here:

A goal-setting page () where you can set your goals, see your metrics for the goals that are automatically calculated and the ability to tick the goal off for good
A simple, fun tracker () where you tick off your routine every day. Try to get the highest streak possible. Also check out the cool graphs to see during which weekday or which month you perform the most.
A log () with all important information and calculations to make the visualizations possible.
I invite you to add more columns to the log to power even more advanced graphics.


1️⃣ Press the buttons Clear My Goals in and Clear Log in and set your first goals.
2️⃣ Simply tick the goals off every day in .

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