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Lauren Weekly Check-in
Include your goals in the first column and assess the extend each week to which you are on track. Each team member should have 5-6 goals.
Lauren's Q4 Goals
On Track
Key activities this quarter
Mission Impact: Identify and qualify 40 leads (20 non conference leads), Convert responsive QLI leads to the Connect stage (Complete at minimum a 30-minute conversation)
2 Prospective leads added and contacted 11/1/22
7 Prospected leads added 11/11/22
Current non conference leads added = 9
Conference leads from NY, SC and FL= 22 Qualified leads
- Only one response but no connect call to follow
Prospect and research leads
Qualify leads generated from conferences
Follow email drip 1-3 for all prospects
Complete Connect calls with any responsive leads
Mission Impact & Ongoing Support: Partner with VP of BHRE to Close:Win Philips Academy and Andrew to ensure Ocali in Florida has a fully executed LOI.
Attending weekly pipeline calls
Follow- up with Jerry for CRM updates where indicated
Attend weekly BHRE pipeline calls
Take notes and help BHRE team to focus on next steps
Follow up where necessary with VP BHRE and Andrew on the Ocali and Phillips projects to close
Mission Impact & Client Relations: Design and launch a lead nurturing campaign to support brand awareness and ongoing marketing to our lead pipeline.
Signing up for LISC, Civic builders, National conference, etc. orgs for newsletter examples
Meeting with marketing firm to understand proper outreach and identifying data to pinpoint direction of our strategy
Sign up for competitors, partners and charter resource newsletters
Compile best practices from newsletters and nurturing campaigns
Practice designs on campaigns
Identify different segments for campaigns (Junk lead nurturing, current client nurture, etc.)
Draft campaign
CRM Onboarding & Training: Create & publish tools and resources for Building Hope team members so that we are more efficiently able to achieve our mission, Example: Production and ongoing updates to a .
Knowledge Builder created for BHRE onboarding

Create Knowledge builder for BHRE onboarding
Update Knowledge builder for Full staff trainings
Attend and assist with onboarding sessions with Allison
Lead Onboarding sessions when indicated

Become a CRM Admin: 100% of Workflow Academy Courses will be completed, weekly coaching calls, and earn a proficient score on the admin assessment.
All courses completed
Weekly meetings with Workflow mentor- Walker
Weekly timesheets submitted to Apprenti

Complete Workflow Academy Courses
Complete Workflow Outlined Projects
Submit Apprenti Timesheet weekly
Assist Allison where needed in admin role for CRM
Complete end of course CRM Admin Exam and pass with 80%
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