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About CAMI Studio

Launched in 2021, CAMI Studio is an integrated marketing solution provider architected to design and operate cohesive brand ecosystems that scale impact and grow businesses. By combining digital and physical experience management, we help purpose-driven organizations achieve their mission and tell their story—effectively and efficiently.
With a core competency in helping companies tell their stories, connect with their customers, and drive business opportunities, we offer full-service communications programs. We continuously strive to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded by doing what we say and delivering on our promises.
Our Solutions
Our approach combines traditional media relations and advertising with virtual and in-person events, social media, and digital channels. In addition to following the latest trends, we evaluate new platforms, technologies, and techniques and how these can be used to amplify company communications to the target audiences.
The marketing technology landscape has more than 8,000 tools for frontline teams, so it's not surprising that people feel overwhelmed by the software designed to make their jobs easier. We can help your business grow by enabling you to invest in the right technologies and software. These will help your company operate, market, and sell to the right customers, all while enabling alignment between the teams.
Tell your story. With our help, you can package your company's stories and narratives for use across multiple internal and external channels. In addition to storyboarding and writing, our team of designers and videographers ensures the right message gets to the right audience in the right way.
The first phase is getting your brand strategy right and aligned with your business objectives. The second is developing all the tools you will need to communicate the brand, such as your logo, tagline, and website. Upon creation, all marketing communications activities are derived from the strategic plan and measured against its objectives.
When you need expert marketing leadership and services to accelerate growth and improve profitability, but you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time Marketing Officer or your own marketing department, our unique arrangement is the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective solution for you.
Recruitment support is a key role for professional services, as new talent is essential for an organization to meet its goals and to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace. We will support in advertising, sourcing candidates and screening for proper skills.

Project Summary

Thanks for taking the time to review our proposal! We’ve looked over our notes regarding your Fractional Marketing Service needs and have created a proposal for your project. We're committed to helping your brand stand out in a crowded market, against a sea of hungry competitors. You gain more profit, clients, revenue, and cash flow when your marketing works, period! This is where CAMI Studio comes in.
As a new Marketing & Design solution provider, we’re able to offer extremely competitive project rates without sacrificing quality. If you have any questions after reviewing this proposal, feel free to reach us at

Scope of Work

Below I have listed three possible levels of involvement. They are all monthly retainer services that give you unlimited access to our expertise in specific areas, enable us to bring a fresh perspective to existing challenges, identify low performing areas and how to lose them or improve them, and discover new opportunities and channels that may have been previously overlooked.

Option 1: Content Creation, Coaching + Curation

This, our standard package, is designed for individuals and business owners that need guidance and support on social media and email marketing strategies to increase their business’s success. You know social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers—but you don’t have the expertise or capacity to run it on your own. This package can be configured to support in consistent content creation and curation for 3-5 existing digital channels.
The Standard package includes twice a month sixty to ninety-minute consultation meetings to discuss digital marketing strategies. This time can include meetings with your event development team, marketing team meetings, advising on technology, hands-on training and more.
Examples of Deliverables that fall under this Option:
Perform a Content Audit. Content plays a big role in a successful marketing campaign and most marketing strategies in place come with a roster of content that has already been created. We will take inventory of the content assets that the organization already has on hand, as well as identify outside-of-the-box methods to reuse or repurpose them such as Tutorials, Infographics, Blogs, Twitter Threads, etc.
Perform a Content Gap Analysis. This involves compiling a “wish list” of content assets that will comprise a well-rounded marketing campaign, then identifying which ones already exist or can be repurposed from older content assets and which content assets need to be created from scratch.
Analyze & Optimize. By implementing analytical tools to marketing campaigns already in the field, we can capitalize on data that was not collected initially. The next step after analysis is optimization—using the data as a guide to making the campaigns more effective and more profitable.
Develop Design & Copy Templates. By integrating the brand into marketing materials, social media profiles, and written copy, we open up a whole new world of possibilities. We specialize in template creations, empowering our clients to make edits on their own and develop the skills and visual capacity to further the work.

Option 2: Custom Design + User Experience Workflow Coaching

This option includes everything from Option 1, but extends my involvement to the workflow aspects of the department. My involvement at this level will make any project run more smoothly during active development, but perhaps more importantly it will set up a workflow that you will continue to benefit from indefinitely. This custom program is designed to meet the client’s needs and provides much more involved planning and consultation from our team on your operational needs: such as consulting on print and web design, back-end processes, software integrations, and more.
The Custom Package is only for the committed individual or organization that is determined to see significant change and includes four sixty to ninety-minute consultations meetings a month and up to one managed event or team training workshop a quarter.
This package also includes more hands on business development services. Our team will support in talking to vendors, venues, strategic partners and more to make sure business objectives are surpassed. The custom consulting package can also be designed to include traveling to conferences or meetings to represent the client and more. This package will make a difference in your business, the marketplace and your lifestyle.
Examples of Deliverables that fall under this Option:
Perform a Comprehensive Marketing Audit. If a marketing strategy is already in place, the first job undertaking is to assess that marketing campaign. What strategies are in play? Which ones are working, and which ones are underperforming? Could the performing methods be improved? A marketing audit gives you an idea of your starting point so that starting point can be aligned with the desired endpoint.
Perform a gap analysis. A gap analysis is an assessment of the “gap” between where a strategy is, and where the organization ultimately wants it to be. A proper gap analysis may be a necessary step in creating a list of priorities to correct the campaign.
Launch or relaunch campaigns. A new, or revamped, strategy will likely occasion new campaigns to launch. We are responsible for making sure the personnel are in place and qualified to execute those campaigns.
Shape Brand Messaging. To align a marketing plan with brand vision and purpose, a company must have its handle on its brand messaging. We can help the Business Development teams and leadership hone the brand message and incorporate it into the marketing strategy in a coherent way.

Option 3: Strategy, Management + Maintenance for Growth

This option includes everything from Options 1 and 2, but extends my involvement to the management aspects of the solution. Strategies are important, but they don’t execute themselves. We can help you either assemble a marketing team to execute the strategy, or provide training and development for an existing marketing team to get them in shape, on the same page, and leveled up in the skills needed to execute the strategy.
The Maintenance Package is only for the committed individual or organization that is geared towards growth and includes four sixty to ninety-minute consultations meetings a month and two to three managed events or team training workshops a quarter. Being on a paid maintenance plan with us allows for you and your company to be top of mind and for us to be able to bring solutions and introductions to you on an ongoing consistent basis.
Examples of Deliverables that fall under this Option:
Align a Growth Plan with Needs and Pain Points. The growth plan must reflect only the values and purpose of the company, but also the profile of the prospective clients and partners. We perform market research, gathering data about customers and prospects to align the growth plan to their needs, and continuously evolve with the expanding marketing technology.
Provide Maintenance. Marketing involves a lot of moving pieces and human centered design is always changing. With this deliverable, we support ongoing development of customer profiles, ongoing competitive research to identify new opportunities, ongoing management of the client’s social media platform and/or PPC campaigns. This includes benchmark reporting and conducting surveys on the client’s website for ideas to improve functionality.
Implement Internal Trainings. If a marketing strategy is already in place and in need of a course correction, it falls to us to make sure the in-house team responsible for executing the strategy has the necessary training for the pivot.
Develop Forecasts and Systems of Reporting. A marketing strategy needs a budget and metrics to measure effectiveness and ROI, including its likelihood to stay on budget and adjust in response to new data. We establish goals and the analytics to track it, as well as formulate a finalized and realistic budget suggestion.

All of our packages include emergency consulting sessions for product launches, PR issues, etc.

Got any questions? Feel free to book some time with us!

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