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About CAMI Studio

Launched in 2021, CAMI Studio is an integrated marketing solution provider architected to design and operate cohesive brand ecosystems that scale impact and grow businesses. By combining digital and physical experience management, we help purpose-driven organizations achieve their mission and tell their story—effectively and efficiently.
With a core competency in helping companies tell their stories, connect with their customers, and drive business opportunities, we offer full-service communications programs. We continuously strive to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded by doing what we say and delivering on our promises.

Our Solutions

Transformational Marketing Strategies

Marketing Operations
Discover the art of precision in marketing. Our Strategic Marketing Operations services empower you to navigate the customer journey, automate marketing tasks, harness data insights, and optimize your marketing technology stack for exceptional results.

Building Connections, Fostering Growth

Community Engagement
Forge meaningful connections with your community. Our Community Engagement services guide you in stakeholder engagement, community outreach, event planning, and online community management.

Elevating Your Brand's Voice

Communications Management
Unleash the power of compelling communication. Our Communications services elevate your brand's voice with strategic content creation, social media management, copywriting, and email marketing support.

Shaping Digital Experiences

Website Design & Development
Craft captivating online experiences. Our Website Development services encompass visual design, website design mockups, search engine optimization, and landing page optimization to ensure your online presence shines.

Proposed Scope

Proposal for The Art of Impactful Storytelling Seminar

Seminar Overview:
Title: "The Art of Impactful Storytelling"
Objective: To empower SSYI Department's program administrators and outreach teams with advanced storytelling skills, focusing on digital marketing, brand building, and social advocacy.
Target Audience: SSYI Department's program administrators and outreach teams.
Format: Engaging and interactive sessions spread across two comprehensive seminars.
Seminar Curriculum:
Introduction to the power and elements of storytelling in marketing and social movements.
Techniques for understanding the audience and developing impactful messages.
Exploration of storytelling frameworks.
Practical exercises in leveraging digital platforms for storytelling.
Skills training in public speaking and presentation.
Hands-on workshop session for story development and peer feedback.
Facilitator: Laura Camila Rivera
Laura Camila, a strategic marketing and communications expert, brings her extensive experience in leadership, equity, and community impact to the seminar, providing invaluable insights and practical skills to the participants.
Your Investment
Cost (USD)
Curriculum Prep
Customization of the Art of Storytelling Workshop for Target Audience
Seminar Facilitation
Expert facilitation of two comprehensive sessions
Workshop Materials
Provision of all materials for interactive workshops
Administrative and Operational Costs
Covers planning, coordination, and logistics management
Total Investment
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