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CareerMP + CAMI Studio

About CAMI Studio

Launched in 2021, CAMI Studio is an integrated marketing solution provider architected to design and operate cohesive brand ecosystems that scale impact and grow businesses. By combining digital and physical experience management, we help purpose-driven organizations achieve their mission and tell their story—effectively and efficiently.
With a core competency in helping companies tell their stories, connect with their customers, and drive business opportunities, we offer full-service communications programs. We continuously strive to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded by doing what we say and delivering on our promises.

Our Solutions

Transformational Marketing Strategies

Marketing Operations
Discover the art of precision in marketing. Our Strategic Marketing Operations services empower you to navigate the customer journey, automate marketing tasks, harness data insights, and optimize your marketing technology stack for exceptional results.

Building Connections, Fostering Growth

Community Engagement
Forge meaningful connections with your community. Our Community Engagement services guide you in stakeholder engagement, community outreach, event planning, and online community management.

Elevating Your Brand's Voice

Communications Management
Unleash the power of compelling communication. Our Communications services elevate your brand's voice with strategic content creation, social media management, copywriting, and email marketing support.

Shaping Digital Experiences

Website Design & Development
Craft captivating online experiences. Our Website Development services encompass visual design, website design mockups, search engine optimization, and landing page optimization to ensure your online presence shines.

Previous Projects

Each of our projects is unique, tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients, and executed with a focus on excellence in design, functionality, and user experience. We invite you to explore our success stories and see firsthand how our team at CAMI Studio is able to deliver exceptional results for businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries.

United Latinas

United Latinas is a professional development organization that aims to empower Latina leaders through collaboration, speaking opportunities, entrepreneurship, and leadership development. The community provides a supportive and inclusive environment where members can build professional alliances with other Latinas from around the world. They prioritize the visibility and recognition of Latinas by amplifying their voices and providing safe spaces to hone their public speaking skills. Additionally, United Latinas offers leadership and business development training programs to help members reach their full potential as entrepreneurs and side hustlers.

Commonwealth Corporation

Commonwealth Corporation (CommCorp) is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 through the merger of two Massachusetts nonprofit organizations: the Industrial Service Program and the Bay State Skills Corporation. The agency is responsible for administering and delivering a wide range of publicly and privately funded programs. As a nationally recognized leader in building industry sector partnerships that address the skill needs of specific employers in an industry, they create new or expanded capacity in education and training programs for demand occupations.

Bohio Clean

Bohio Clean was founded with a mission to provide high-quality cleaning services that are delivered with care through fair work practices and honest prices. The company connects clients with the best cleaning partners who are committed to providing exceptional services. Bohio Clean has created a pool of cleaning companies, which enables the company to connect clients with the best company fit for their projects. Bohio Clean's application process requires professionals to showcase their work before becoming a partner, ensuring the delivery of luxurious quality services.

Caraballo Professional Development

Caraballo Professional Development has developed educational projects for businesses throughout Massachusetts to empower small business owners and to help expand businesses within different industries. They work with many organizations, non, and for-profits, and governmental offices within the State of Massachusetts to help design and develop projects and educational training workshops in both English & Spanish for Minority businesses and businesses as a whole, to help them grow, gain financial strength and business knowledge within different areas to help both the owners and the employee.


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