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“And all the time we have books, books teeming with ideas fresh from the minds of thinkers upon every subject to which we can wish to introduce children.” - Charlotte Mason
“One more thing is of vital importance; children must have books, living books; the best are not too good for them; anything less than the best is not good enough; and if it is needful to exercise economy, let go everything that belongs to soft and luxurious living before letting go the duty of supplying the books, and the frequent changes of books, which are necessary for the constant stimulation of the child's intellectual life.” ― Charlotte Mason
“The most common and the monstrous defect in the education of the day is that children fail to acquire the habit of reading.”
Charlotte Mason
“A child gets moral notions from the fairy-tales he delights in, as do his elders from tale and verse.” — Charlotte Mason
“The teacher who allows his scholars the freedom of the city of books is at liberty to be their guide, philosopher and friend; and is no longer the mere instrument of forcible intellectual feeding.” — Charlotte Mason
“Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.” — Charlotte Mason
“Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.” — Charlotte Mason
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." — Albert Einstein
“Connect to your children. The academics matter, but they follow. Your children’s happiness and safe, supportive relationship with you come first. Believe it or not, your children are happiest when they believe you are delighted by them.” ― Julie Bogart
“If homeschooling stops being a source of joy, begin by shifting your attention to the awesome adult you want to be. Just that shift can inject energy into a flagging homeschool.” ― Julie Bogart
“The key to a successful education is not remembering the sequence of battles in World War I or getting an A on the geometry test. A robust education is the ability to make meaningful use of any and all information.” ― Julie Bogart
“To have a more effective home education, I realized I needed to abandon the trappings of school and harness the energy of home.” ― Julie Bogart
"Once upon a time, all children were homeschooled. They were not sent away from home each day to a place just for children but lived, learned, worked, and played in the real world, alongside adults and other children of all ages." — Rachel Gathercole
“The idea that memorizing spelling words is better preparation for a child’s future than a strong family connection is nonsense.” — Dayna Martin
“Because people are innately social and in search of meaning, our relationships and emotions—not rote memory or the right textbooks—are key to learning. In other words, when your child feels connected and happy, your child is learning the most.” ― Julie Bogart
“A lifestyle of learning begins at home - with parents who create a context that is welcoming of children as they are and that offers them happy experiences, accessible tools, and parental involvement.” ― Julie Bogart
“If we believe that education is unique for each child, we can relax into whatever time it takes to learn rather than flipping out when our kids don’t line up with what Becky’s children are doing down the street.” ― Julie Bogart
“Enchanted education and living are all about small surprises of happy—scattered, littered, peppered throughout garden-variety days.” ― Julie Bogart
“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
“Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. It is for people who are willing to ask the question, ‘Why?’ It is for those who value their time and see no reason why it should be spent doing more than one thing at a time. It is for those who enjoy working with young children and find adults rewarding to work with as well.” – John Holt
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