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Launch Sensei (Public)

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A critical inflection point


An inflection point

I am writing this as a human. This type of disclaimer will soon be commonplace as the capabilities of artificial intelligence begin to meet, and eventually exceed, those of humans. In my son's lifetime, it will be the beauty and uniqueness of our imperfections that highlight our humanity.
Society has undergone numerous scientific revolutions; every field has experienced a period where advancements move so rapidly as to make the world unrecognizable to the previous generation. I believe that no revolutions prior to this one will match the speed and ferocity with which AI will remake the world.
I see it as my privilege to harness this technology to build tools that further the standard of living for the greatest number of people. In that vein, we have created Launch Sensei, a product that we hope will bring the promise of entrepreneurship and financial freedom to millions more people around the world.
-Antwoine Flowers
Co-Founder Launch Sensei

What is the opportunity

The rapid development of Large Language Models (LLMs), starting with the introduction of transformers, has revolutionized the landscape of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The groundbreaking transformer architecture, introduced by Vaswani et al. in 2017, provided an innovative mechanism for language understanding, paving the way for a series of increasingly powerful and versatile models, such as OpenAI's GPT series. This rapid progression bears striking resemblance to the explosive growth of apps following the launch of Apple's App Store in 2008. In both cases, the emergence of a disruptive technology spurred a proliferation of diverse applications and business opportunities. With LLMs, we have witnessed an unprecedented surge in AI-driven solutions across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, customer service, content creation, and more. For investors, this burgeoning landscape presents a wealth of opportunities akin to those seen in the app market a decade ago, where the app economy generated over $500 billion in revenue in 2020 alone. This suggests significant potential for returns on investments in innovative startups and established companies leveraging the power of LLMs to redefine and enhance their offerings.

We’re pioneering new domains

Launch Sensei is the first company launching from my venture studio Elegant Theory (more details to come). Our goal isn’t to simply “ride the hype train”, within the launch sensei paradigm we see opportunities to innovate in several areas that will be critical to the broader success of this stage of the AI revolution.

Augmented Vs Artificial Intelligence

The reality is that there is a shortage in human expertise. There will always be more demand for a human expert than there will be experts available. This asymmetry creates barriers for the advancement of an unknown number of innovative ideas. We believe the correct approach is to develop methods to Scale human expertise, not replace it. LLM’s provide a number methods that allow for this type of augmentation.

AI-assisted learning

Human learning is a diverse & complex space. While are platform offer automation as a augmentation to learning they do not use it as a replacement for it. We see an opportunity to study how humans acquire new and complex information and to build new systems designed to improve human learning outcomes.

Autonomous Agents

Autonomous agents, or Baby AGI as they are being called colloquially are multi-bot architectures capable of completing complex tasks. Initially they can be leveraged for things like task automation, but very soon they will become very capable personal assistants. The deployment of these bots into real-world products hasn’t been accomplished yet, but it is only a matter of time. Autonomous agents represent a watershed moment in AI capability and their design and use cases are still being fully fleshed out.
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