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Hi 👋
This is a my list of flashlight I like and plan to buy / already bought.
This is mainly a nice thing to have while learning more about using coda.
You can view all the flashlights in a table under
You can drill down on a specific flashlight under
You can see side by side comparison under
Feel tree to make a copy and use it for yourself.
Things to do:
Fill missing data about batteries -done
Get a paid account so filters work? - done Works now in public “play” mode
Add place to store links to reviews - done
Add side by side compare for 2-3 lights if possible - done
Add throw - done
add runtime - done
add typical price - done
Let people contribute via form - done
Add info about sizes to database so it can be filtered by ?
Figure out how to colour code tags, or at least light tint in some nice way 🤔
Dedicated feedback form / contact option ?

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