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Relative Recipes (Mad-Lib Style Cookbook)

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About the Author

Hello, I’m Cam from Vancouver, Canada (not Peru) currently living in Los Angeles after six years of producing Mandarin A Cappella Music in Taiwan.
You might think I am a just another normal human guy with a childlike wonder and a heart eager to mentor others. Well, you’d be right! Congrats! Can’t pull the wool over your eyes 🐑. Additionally, I'm also a consultant who works with freelancers and music schools to develop their portfolio, portals & hubs, and workspace on Coda. Due to the fact that I am a highly ambitious alpa...person trapped inside the body of someone who constantly wishes to nap, I love finding new technologies which can automate and organize my life for me. When I found out about Coda, a tool for creating beautiful websites and workspaces without having to know how to code, I ended my llamenting and was given a whole new fleece on life! If you are like me, a real person with only two legs who is wholeheartedly convinced that computers are powered by wizard magic, and think you might need some assistance from time to time, I’d love to lend you a helping hoof.. er.. hand! You are wonderful and I thank you for taking the time to read this!
updatedcam alpaca-topaz-enhance-faceai.png
psst...If you enjoyed using this Doc, would it be a ridiculous idea for me to ask you to make a donation? You = The Best

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