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One of the most important things when we think about optimizing our performance in any area of our life is efficiency. From my personal experience, when keeping track of my assignments at Claremont McKenna College, I juggled around multiple platforms such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Sakai Learning, Canvas Learning, and etc. Although I was able to utilize these different platforms to the best of my ability, it would have been very beneficial to store all my to-dos, assignments, and resources in one location. Thus, came to be the idea for this creation: an all-in-one doc to keep track of all your assignments, resources, and to-dos in every one of your classes.

How to Use This Doc:

1) Each is a hub that has an to keep track of all your assignments, resources related to the assignment, and tasks needed to do for each assignment.
2) The spreadsheets are linked to the where you can see what assignments are upcoming on which dates.
3) Feel free to customize the doc specific to your classes and use the tools provided to keep track of everything in one place!


About the Author:

is currently a senior @ , Growth Fellow @
, and software engineering student @ . Additionally, I’ve completed internships @ and !
Feel free to reach out with any comments at: !

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