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Kyle Henson Job Application - Enterprise Account Manager
Austere Manufacturing

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One of Coda’s most useful capabilities is that is allows for the creation of mini-apps that significantly increase productivity, which encourages your team to perform most of their work in the platform. This has the happy side effect of automatically creating records of your team’s activities as they complete them. Unlike traditional ERPs that exist primarily for recordkeeping and struggle to gain adoption because recordkeeping for its own sake is onerous, Coda achieves the goals of recordkeeping without additional effort because your team is already using the platform to gain efficiency as they perform their tasks.
The “Task” feature of Coda is going to be the backbone of your use ofCoda to send emails, make calls, establish project timelines, schedule your staff, and otherwise get stuff done. When tasks are completed, they automatically become records, ensuring that you achieve your recordkeeping, compliance, and sales/revenue/financial projection goals with an extremely high compliance rate because your team will actually be delighted to use the custom workflow tools we’ll create together in Coda to increase their efficiency.
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