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Kyle Henson Job Application - Enterprise Account Manager
Austere Manufacturing

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Coda is great for tracking your interactions with people and automating outreach. Below are a few different settings that will help you keep track of and filter your interactions. One of the most helpful ways to categorize people is by “Contact Persona” which is essentially a way to standardize titles. You can also color-code your contacts by their persona, so that when individuals are referenced across your workflows, you can gather information about those individuals from their little reference bubble.
One heuristic I’ve found very helpful is choosing a different color for a department or customer type and then darker or lighter shading based on that person’s seniority or decision-making power while leaving internal employees with no color fill in their bubbles. Think about how you’d like to categorize the people your business interacts with and what kind of color-coding scheme would be most useful to you.
Master Contact Personas
Master Seniority
Master Contact Persona Title Keywords

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