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Introducing Arda

Inventory💡Smarter. Not 😡 Harder.

“I really freaking love my ERP!” - Nobody Ever

Advances in integration and automation have made inventory management more, not less complex for the SMB


Managing inventory is mission-critical for any business that trades in physical goods but can take up to 20% of a team’s time.


SMBs find ERPs too expensive to be practical and too compliance-heavy to be functional. They are not viable for the majority of businesses.


As a result, ERP implementations very frequently suffer from the classic “Garbage In → Garbage Out” problem and often fail altogether.


Thousands of businesses, especially talented, dedicated founders and entrepreneurs, waste up to 20% of their their time in half-baked Excel-fueled chaos.

QR-Code-Powered Order Cards Solve Inventory & Order Issues Simply & Intuitively.

We’re Third-Time Founders With Highly Complimentary Skills Perfectly Suited to Modernizing Kanban.

Uriel and I are nerds who love to find efficiencies. Recent low-code, no-code platforms have significantly decreased the barrier to entry that once existed to developing a software product and I’ve become obsessed with continuously finding new areas of my life to automate. Uriel’s deep expertise in lean manufacturing as well as continuous improvement has been a tremendous resource as we’ve developed this product. Every new feature is tested at Austere, changed based on his feedback, and then released to our other customers. As a duo, we are the ideal combination to bring this product to market and solve a deep pain point that is felt by thousands of businesses throughout the world, Uriel felt it tremendously before implementing Arda

What I Told Chris Sacca About Our Team in 2017

There Is a Large Gap Between Excel and ERPs or Specialized Mid-Market Platforms.

Large, enterprise-grade, ERP platforms (SAP, Oracle, etc.)

Mid-market inventory management platforms (Cin7, Fishbowl, ShopMonkey)

Proprietary technology in large operations


Paper Kanban

Pricing Model

Recurring Fees

Optional Implementation Costs

Market Size

8 weeks. 12 Instagram Posts. 10 Customers. $5k Revenue. $20k ARR

What We Need

Help. Our demand is too much to manage and we are starting to not be able to see the forest for the trees a little bit. Strong mentorship and guidance from a professional with experience selling into SMB industrial customers would be massive.
A tangible plan to create our own software product. Right now, I built the entire product on Coda, which has issues with version control.
We have been selling very reliably to medium-sized businesses at $250/month. This product is capable of filling a significant void left in the market for larger businesses that require a higher SLA than the two of us can provide as well as further advanced features which may be contingent on an in-house software release. We need to figure out how to roadmap those.
We are consciously “doing things that don’t scale” and our sales process is very high-touch. I think we are a few months away from phasing out of that process and need a plan to turn Arda into a self-serve product for our $50/month Tier, along with an actual go-to-market motion that involves marketing spend, significant onboarding resources, like videos and FAQs,
We need help understanding the future of a professional services arm of this business. Onsite implementations have been successful, they’ve gotten us in front of our customers, and they’ve helped us solve a lot of problems. The degree to which our onboarding process should have an in-person component in unclear.

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