Brand Guidelines and Messaging Guidelines may be owned by PMM, owned by another team, or a collaborative endeavor. We prefer the last one at Coda, but however you establish ownership for core messages and messaging frameworks, it’s helpful to have a unified reference for your core product value prop, value props for unique features, and a glossary of nouns or terms that you use uniquely as a reflection of your band and culture.

🎯 Make sure you know the difference between

These can be used for everything from guiding thinking for outreach campaign messaging pillars to boilerplate for press releases to just helping the company explain what ya’ll do to your parents!

Looking for something higher fidelity? Some favorite resources:

Value props

Overall Product

25 Words

The concise version of your top-line value prop goes here.

50 Words

Feel free to add a bit more detail or flourish.

100 Words

The longer form value prop.

Feature ABC

Feature XYZ

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