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Track the wonders of the universe 🌙🔭
SkyWatch is a handy Coda doc that makes it easy for astronomy lovers to track celestial events and observations. With SkyWatch, you won’t miss out on any upcoming events like meteor showers, eclipses, and planetary alignments. 🪐
You can also explore interactive sky maps that show the positions of stars and planets in the night sky, and receive notifications for upcoming astronomical events. 📆

How to use

To help manage your astronomy equipment, SkyWatch includes a table of that you can use to track your telescopes, binoculars, cameras, and other tools 🔭. You can record the name, type, manufacturer, model, and attach images and links for more information. This will come in handy later if you want to assign any equipment to a particular viewing event. 👍
SkyWatch also provides a convenient table to store your list of where you’ll be viewing celestial events. For each location, you can record the place, latitude and longitude, description, and attach images or links for more information. 🗺️
Users can sort through events they want to track in the doc's section. 🔔 Is it an eclipse? A meteor shower? No matter! Simply check which items you want to be notified about and specify how far in advance you want the notifications. ✅
To help organize your observations and sightings, SkyWatch allows you to create observation logs to keep record of your over time. 📓 For each log entry, you can record the date and time, observer, equipment used, and notes about what you saw. 🤔 You can also attach images to observations to help you remember what you saw and where.
is your go-to home page that brings everything together in one space. See your curated list of upcoming events and add your equipment, location, and observation logs to plan and prepare for each special occasion. 🤩

Enjoy! ✌️

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