Skip Level 1:1

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Skip levels are a thing, and this doc is here to help

What are they?

A skip level is when you meet with your boss’s boss, or even the boss above them and so on. Some companies do this on a regular cadence to intentionally connect higher levels of Leadership to their Employees. 👩‍💼

They are an open floor for Employees to discuss what’s on their mind, and should be a safe space to share your thoughts on whatever you like.

Still, it is advised you keep things professional as this is a rare occasion for 1:1 time with higher levels of Leadership, and both of you may form lasting impressions of each other be it good or bad.
Keep things respectful and you should be just fine! 👍

How this doc can help

Leaders have to remember a lot of details about their direct reports, and the direct reports under them, and so on.
This doc aims at providing a template to fill with your own personal content that can then be sent to your Leader and discussed during your next skip level 1:1.

Leaders can also request this Coda doc be filled out and sent to them before the skip level 1:1 takes place in order to better connect with Employees.

This is beneficial in a few ways:
It shows you recognize Leaders’ predicament of Employee detail memorization by providing information about yourself in a quick, readable format for them to review beforehand. 💁‍♀️
You can list important discussion topics to talk about during the meeting so you don’t forget! 🙇‍♀️
You have a chance to express a bit of personality and creativity in the Coda doc you send to Leadership, which is just good fun. 👩‍🎨

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