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Flight Ops Coda Doc

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An app and a document walk into a bar…
You know how we’re on the lookout for the next thing to come after Quickbase? Well I think Coda is one of those candidates.
Rather than just tell you about it like a normal person, I took your awesome PowerPoint with our and built an app around it here in this Coda doc. 💁‍♀️
Think Quickbase meets OneNote and they hit it off. All the data gathering of FOPIM while still giving Leadership something pretty to look at.

Key takeaways

It’s not just a database or app, but can be a landing page for Flight Ops as a whole to communicate our vision and scale our projects up to Leadership and readers alike. 📰
Create content and see who’s read and engaged with it. 👍
Gather feedback for continuous improvement. ♻️

Where you go from here is up to you! Maybe stop by the page to share your thoughts!
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