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19 Jan Prediction - Bank Nifty & Nifty

Major Key Level for Intraday Nifty Support & Resistance.


Major Key Level for Intraday Bank Nifty Support & Resistance.


Have a Look at Global Markets :

Global markets are seen to be bearish, after taking bounce from strong demand zone. The view for Indian Market will be bearish if market opens flat or gap up it can take resistance from the nearest supply zone. i.e in Bank Nifty - 42700 and in Nifty - 18250 both the price levels are strong supply zone.
Also tomorrow is the expiry, and looking at the previous 4-5 expiry the market is good trending in either side. Below is the chart of SGX Nifty at 01.10 AM - 19 Jan

Looking at the SGX Nifty we can think to happen same in the Nifty and Bank Nifty. As they are near to supply zone. If breaks the supply zone we can look for a good buying opportunity upside.

Market view for the 19 Jan is Bearish. View is made as per the global market and Indian Market structure in Bigger Time Frame and levels.

Was Market according to the Analyse?

Market didn’t moved at all, and stayed range bound entire expiry. As we seen a good market in the past week expiry and also mostly the expiry remains bit good trending. But today it was completely range bound. Taking rejection from previous day closing.

Chart for the reference

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