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Friday Charts. - Bank Nifty

13 Jan Friday 2023 -
Support from Previous Day consolidation Zone.
Trapping Sellers by breaking Day low

6 Jan Friday 2023
Day Low taken out came back inside the zone and than good downfall.

30 Dec Friday 2022
Rejection from PDH and than a good fall on downside.

23 Dec Friday 2022
Rejection from PDL and a downfall

16 Dec Friday 2022
Buyers Trap, good movement above side in first 15 minutes and than sharp fall in downside.
Previous day was trending
Taken rejection from Previous day closing.

9 Dec Friday 2022
PDL taken out good movement downside.
Opened gap up didn’t sustain, made a buyers trap and than fall taking out PDL.

2 Dec Friday 2022
Range Bound Market + taking rejection from PDL
Taking support from current day low. No movement either side.

25 Nov Friday Chart
Previous day was trending + Opened slight gap up made buyers trap and than good down side move.
Taken out PDH given good downside movement.
Breaking down the current day low coming inside again and than moving downside.

18 Nov Friday 2022
PD Range bound market, opened slightly gap up.
Slowly coming current day high and than falling + breaking PDL.

11 Nov Friday 2022
Big Gap and than falling in the morning till previous to previous day high
Taking support from Previous to Previous day and moving upside.
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