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Thank you a MILLION for helping to take care of fur babies and leaf babies. They will be so grateful for pets and water and will continue to ✨THRIVE✨ with your luv.


The doorman knows your name, so just ask him for the spare key to 2D
You should have also gotten an invite to an app called Butterfly - there is a temporary digital key created so you can open any of the gates/doors with your phone

The fur babies

👑 Sayber
6 years
Calm, Sweet, Intuitive, Purring machine
🍼 Mavi
1 year
CraZy, Cuddly, Mischievous, Dumb baby
💕 Love Bug
Pit mix
7 years
The Sweetest, gives hugs, perfect angel


Both kitties should have their dry food dispense automatically @ 7:30am and 7:30pm (I just got a second auto feeder!)
Feel free to treat 👑 Sayber with some wet food the meal you come visit for. I’ll leave out her blue dish and the can on the island.
⚠️ 🍼 Mavi should not have wet food, so def try to keep him away while 👑 Sayber is eating wet food.
It’s ok if he eats some of her dry food and vice versa tho

PXL_20221206_031638073 (1).jpg


There is a white automatic water dispenser by Mavi’s feeder. Please refresh the water by:
Unplugging the device
Take off the top ceramic plate
⚠️ This is kind of tricky...helps sometimes to use a knife to pry it up
Take the container to the sink
Pour out any old water
Refill the container with filtered water from the fridge
Place the ceramic plat back in
Put the device back to the original position
Plug it back in
See appendix for more on litter box, messes etc.

Play and attention

Babies would love to have playtime with you!
Recommend playing with Mavi first to tire him out, he likes all toys!
Sayber doesn’t play as much when Mavi is around so you can either put him and lock him in my room (DONT FORGET TO LET BB BACK OUT) and play with her with the laser pointer
If you don’t want to deal with putting Mavi in my room, feel free to just give Sayber lots of pets as she snuggles in her bed.
if she purrs and allows u to touch her are bffs

The leaf babies

Leafy babies are mostly congregated in the living room/kitchen area. There are also a few in the bedroom!
If it gets overwhelming, just do whatever amount feels good, it’s therapeutic for me and I hope it is for you as well. Plants aren’t sacred so if you don’t get to checking/watering everything, that it totally OK! I’ll take care of them when I return :)

Soil babes - plants rooted in dirt

Use the water meter and stick all the way into soil to test the moisture levels
Water if the water meter indicates a 2 or below
Use the blue water pail to evenly water the top
I usually go in circles for about 4-5 times
⚠️ Some plants esp in glass containers may not have a hole at the bottom, err on the side of under-watering, so maybe 2-3 circles!
🆙 For plants that are high up, there is a white and grey step ladder folded up behind the painting easel
Don’t worry about any of the plants in the large terrarium. They should be A-ok.

Waterlings - plants propagating in water

Check the waterlines to make sure all roots are submerged in water
if some roots are not submerged, use the blue watering can to top out the vessel
Image is example of one that needs topping off



Food cont.

Food is located in the 3rd cabinet (from left) above the sink. There are also treats there! Currently the 2 kitties eat different food due to their age.
Both kitties are fed twice at the same time each day:
👑 Sayber eats wet cat food primarily and adult dry food when I am away
When you visit, feel free to treat her with 1 portion of wet food
1 full can of the small yellow Weruva can OR 1/4 can of the taller white/orange Nuro can (cover with plastic lid and refrigerate leftover portions)
🍼 Mavi always eats his dry baby food (should be pre-filled in the automatic feeder)

Litter Box Cleaning (Only if necessary!)

Hopefully you won’t have to do this while you visit, but if you want/need to (i.e. Mavi took a huge stinky poop 🤦🏻‍♀️) here’s how:
*Wear a face mask if the smell/dust gets to you*
Locate the litter box cleaning items:
They are in the closet across form the bathroom, in the bottom right corner. There should be 1 white bin with a scoop, baking soda, sponge and extra litter (horse pellets - this bag is HEAVY)
Locate a large paper bag to store the litter you scoop out:
Under the kitchen sink on the right side
Take white bin, litter bag, and paper bag to the litter box and open the litter box lid
There are TWO, one by the shoe cabinet, one under the white table behind the couch
Use the large metal scoop to scoop out large chunks of clumped litter and dump it into the paper bag
Repeat until all large chunks are gone
Add baking soda to the left over litter to help with oder control
Pour in new litter so the box returns to about its original amount
Mix everything with the metal scoop
Put the litter bix lid back on
Repeat with the other litterbox
Return all items
Throw the paper bag of litter into the trash can
Return the litter and white bin to the closet
Vacuum (inside the closet on the hallway where you enter) around the litter boxes to pickup any pieces
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Wash hands with soap

Other Messes

Throw up
Pick up any solids with a paper towel
Wipe area with a paper towel to soak up most of the liquids
Use the cleaner machine (behind sofa) to go over the stained area
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In case of emergencies, call/text Kim @ 336-918-8319.
If it is something serious and you need to take a cat to the vet, cat carriers are at the bottom of the large white closet beside the bathroom.
Vets Nearby

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