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Peer Feedback

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Peer feedback

An easy template to gather 360-feedback from your peers, reports, and manager
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Personalize your feedback form by hovering over the form & click “Edit layout”
Publish the form to share the form & collect results
Hover over the form and click “Publish form”
By default, the form is set to allow anonymous submissions. Toggle “Require login” on under Edit Layout > Privacy settings to require your respondents to sign in.
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Preview: Feedback form
What should I keep doing?
What should I stop doing?
What should I start doing?
What's one thing I can do differently to be more effective for you?

More on form design, and additional thoughts

The template form starts with the Keep, Start, Stop framework, which I’ve found encourages specific, forward-looking feedback while still staying lightweight.
Customize the tone, content, and specificity of the questions to match your needs & audience.
The last question, “Tell me one thing I can do differently to be more effective for you,” is a great question I learned from Kat Cole, from .
This one feels particularly powerful for team leads or managers, but work well for cross-functional peers, too.
Ask the right person.
Asking too many people at once can lead to conflicting feedback that’s hard to reason over or act on.
Ask those who know your work best, or have the right expertise and experience to give you solid advice.

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