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Writer Onboarding - Docubid
Getting started!

How do I get paid?

1️⃣ You will receive your payment 5-7 business days after the final document gets approved by the client.
2️⃣ Your payment will be settled in USD (or Lebanese Lira in certain cases)
3️⃣ You will receive your payment via .
Speaking of Whish Money. Please take 4 minutes (now) and:
A- Download the on your phone.
B- Create an account
Failing to do the above will stall your payouts after completing an order.
You can cash out your money via Wish Money at any time! Branches can be identified from the app.


That was it! Thank you for taking your time through this onboarding doc!
👉 Just before we let you go, allow us to share a few closing notes and tell you a bit about the .

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