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Standard Aviary Subdomain

By default, every Aviary site gets a customizable subdomain, e.g., , , or . You can customize your subdomain at any time on your Organization Profile page.
You can change this subdomain at any time as you please. Keep in mind that when you change it, it will affect any existing URLs you have shared or displayed outside of Aviary with the old subdomain. Those will have to be updated to your new subdomain in order for the links to continue to resolve.

Custom Domain (DNS Alias)

If you want to go further and do away with the "" part of your URL, you can set up your own custom domain and point it to Aviary as an alias. Here are the steps to make that work:
Here are instructions for completing the custom URL process in Aviary:
1. Once your organization has acquired your custom URL via your DNS administrator, you or your network administrator will need to do the following.
Create a CName Record in your DNS that points from your custom domain to your Aviary subdomain (e.g., ).
2. Then go to your Aviary Organization Profile tab and insert your custom domain in the Custom domain (DNS alias) field (see screenshot below):
3. Save your Organization Profile with the new Custom domain. Also, make sure you leave the old subdomain value as you had it.
4. Aviary will check if the domain is pointed to our system.
5. Aviary will generate an SSL certificate for this organization custom domain.
6. Aviary will update the information in Aviary's database.
7. If all goes well, the custom domain will now be the enabled URL for your site.
Send us any questions if you hit snags along the way ().

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