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Hello Friend,
I have built this doc in order to manage all the OKRs & Tasks for our small eCommerce business.


Task Capture: You can add new tasks to the database here. Either fully specify them for the task pool, assign them to someone right away, or just write down a thought for later specification
Personal Page: Here you can find all your personal goals & to-dos. The top level “Personal Page” serves as the place that tells you what there is to do right now. Here you can also sign in and out for time tracking. The Sub Pages all focus on other aspects of your personal organization.
Company Dashboard: This page serves to give an overall view on what is going on in the company right now. The things that have recently been finished and what is being worked on right now can be found here.
Monthly Closing Meeting: This set of pages represents a workflow used to plan what is to do in the coming month. each quarter it is also used to define the OKRs for the next quarter.
Wiki: A place to define workflows, give guidance and assign meaning to scales and colors.
Report a Bug: This page is used to document potential improvements. “Improvement” refers to improvements of workflows and “Bugs” refers to improvements of the coda doc itself.
Database: The database containing all the base information powering this doc is hidden away.
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