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Best Of Ireland


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This Coda doc is a published document built by myself, Mckenzie Baker, to collect all the recommendations from Cassie Stokes’ TikTok channel (). I discovered Cassie on TikTok when I started searching for things in Dublin for our upcoming trip.
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How to Use

Use either the or pages at the top navigation bar to find a recommendation
There is also a page for the recommendations that were noted as such.
You can also you my to find recommendations based on location.
Green cards note “Best In Ireland” responses.
Each 🍀 notes how many times the location was mentioned.
There is a price point range from 💲 - 💲💲💲💲 that is pulled from either Google or TripAdvisor.


This document is not yet comprehensive. I have only made it through about 70% of Cassie’s channel but I am continuing to add more. I have not added any of the Best of Books or Best of Potatoes recommendations to this page as I am focusing on food and drink recommendations for out upcoming trip.

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