Parent Email Generator Tool for Teachers - AI Powered
Parent Email Generator Tool for Teachers - AI Powered

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Auto generate emails for parents using AI.

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Use this doc to make it effortless to send high quality emails to your students’ parents. You can send Smile Notes that are celebrations of great work, or Student Concern notes when issues need to be raised.


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Kenny Jones
Concerned Note
Kenny forgot to bring supplies to school again and was disruptive to his class.
Dear Erica and Kenny, I wanted to reach out to you to share some concerns I have about Kenny's recent behavior in class. I've noticed that he has forgotten to bring his supplies to school several times and has been a bit disruptive during class time. As his teacher, I want to make sure that Kenny is successful and able to learn to the best of his abilities. I kindly request that you remind him of the importance of bringing his supplies to school and encourage him to be respectful and attentive during class time. I appreciate your help in this matter and look forward to working together to support Kenny's education. Warm regards, Ms. Smith
Ricky Smith
Positive Note
Went out of his way to help out a classmate who was struggling in math. Has been showing lots of improvement with handwriting.
Dear Ms. Morris and Ms. Mendes, I hope this note finds you both well. I just wanted to take a moment to share some positive news about your son, Ricky Smith. He has been doing an outstanding job in class recently. The other day, he went out of his way to help out a classmate who was struggling with math. It was a wonderful display of kindness and leadership. Additionally, Ricky has been showing a lot of improvement with his handwriting. He has been practicing diligently and it shows. I am so proud of him! Thank you for your continued support and for raising such a wonderful young man. Best, Ms. Smith
David Smith
Positive Note
Helped clean up at lunch time.
Dear John and Diane, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with David's behavior in the classroom. During lunch time, David volunteered to help clean up the classroom and did an excellent job. It was great to see him take such initiative and responsibility. I hope you are proud of him as much as I am. Keep up the great work, David! Best regards, Ms. Smith
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