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Kenny Mendes

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Favorite Tech

💻 Productivity

Coda is a new kind of all-in-one surface that lets you build docs as powerful as apps. It has the simplicity of documents, the structure of spreadsheets and databases, and the power of applications rolled into one. Coda can replace both Google Docs and Sheets, and give you the ability to build apps for both simple and complex scenarios. I'm biased, as I work at Coda, but it's amazing software that gets better every day. Also, you can get really far with just the free tier!
Superhuman is my favorite e-mail tool. It teaches users how to be hyper-efficient with their inboxes and incorporates the best features from a variety of different e-mail solutions into one product. Yes, it's $30 a month, but it's insane how much time I save using Superhuman.
Google Photos is one of the most underrated pieces of software, in my opinion. Automatic backup from all your devices, reasonably priced storage for high resolution backups, and best of all, slick AI to classify your images. I could search for "Kenny eating pizza" and
will turn up.

📕 Content

Lenny Rachitsky shares incredibly helpful content for startup founders and employees. Learn how to build a great business, be a better product thinker, and apply lessons from someone who really understands marketplaces.

💰 Corporate Finance

Airbase makes spend management so frictionless for companies. We use it at Coda, and instead of spend showing up on lots of random credit cards, we can create a specific digital card for each vendor, set spend limits, and flag critical tools. It's simple to use and has scaled really well with Coda's spend needs.

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