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Fireside Chat Template with Registrations & Automatic Reminders

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You will need a Pro plan of Coda to use the full features in this document, including the Gmail Pack and Hidden Sections.
Visit and fill in all the information about your upcoming event
Modify the e-mail copy in the page. You’ll want to edit content in as well as the columns called “Subject Content” and “Reminder Line.
Publish The Doc with the following settings
Hit Share >> Publish
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Doc Interaction → Edit
You can now share the Publish URL with your potential attendees. You can get that from the Share button.


It’s best to send this doc to your guests ahead of time to fill in questions and upvote the ones they are most interested in. You can also ask people to spend the first few minutes of the session filling in or upvoting questions.
Prior to jumping into answering questions/topics, the host/guest usually will have a more unstructured discussion. Intros, talk about topics, etc. This happens before jumping into the Topics discussion powered by this doc.
When going through topics, we find it’s best to have the person who put in the question ask it. That way, they can provide any color/commentary around the question, or if it’s been answered to a degree in a previous discussion, alter or offer to skip it.
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