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IJ Design System

Post Guidelines

To clarify what constitutes a good post here are guidelines below:
Instagram has already shifted from aesthetics to value: hindi na importante na maganda ang IG look and feel, mas importante that the content gives value to clients.
Valuable: 50%
We acknowledge that social media is full of noise, therefore we carefully meticulously painstakingly pick out content that gives valuable information delivered with the least number of words
2022: 5 new restaurants to visit in Boracay this 2022
X Noisy : posts that although are informational, gives no value to our readers
Philippine Airlines flies to Boracay daily.
Inspiring/Emotion-Inducing: 30%
If post is not informational: it should provoke a feeling of “ I want to travel “ after seeing the post
Post this:
Boracay: view from a helicopter never seen before showing the turquoise blue waters.
Coron: Dive photo showing the shipwrecks
Japan: Short Clip of a chef preparing sushi with dexterity.
Don’t Post this
Boracay : willie’s rock (gasgas na)
Coron: Tricycle in coron town (doesnt give an exciting emotion, unless you are a foreigner who has never seen a tricycle)
Japan: picture of Mt Fuji (gasgas na)
Entertaining: 20%
Travel related news thats funny and sharable
Tourist fined in Boracay after photos of tiny bikini go viral on local Facebook groups

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