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Task Suggestions

Use this page to gather suggestions for tasks
There are a few types of tasks in Taskmaster:
Prize Task: Contestants are asked to bring in an object based on the prompt (e.g. “Best battery powered object”).
In the actual show, the contestant who has earned the most points from the episode usually gets to keep all the prize task submissions. You should decide whether or not the Taskmaster champion will get to keep the prizes before starting the game.
Individual Task: Contestant is asked to complete the task individually. Usually there is either a time limit, or the winner is determined based on whoever completes the task first.
Team Task: Contestants are placed into groups of two or three and asked to complete the task together. You can also suggest tasks for larger groups, too.

Task Suggestion Form

Task Ideas
Prize Task
Coolest red item
Most unusual item
Individual Task
Draw the best self-portrait blindfolded (or with your eyes closed). You have 2 minutes.
Look incredibly cool in a slow motion video. Most incredibly cool person in a slow motion video wins!
Camouflage yourself and then reveal yourself. Best camouflage wins!
Demonstrate the most extreme housework. Most extreme housework wins!
Create a short stop motion video
Film something that will look epic when played backwards
Team Task
Choreograph a dance set to a cellphone ringtone.
Find the most remarkable thing you have in common with your teammate.

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