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Spotify Top Songs 2021

Compare your top songs from 2021 with friends and family 🎶

Instructions for doc owner

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Click on the “Explore” button on the top right. Go to “Packs & import” and click on “Spotify”. Under the “Settings” tab, connect your Spotify account if you haven’t already.
Follow the instructions below to add your playlist.

Instructions for adding your playlist

Create a new playlist. Unfortunately, Spotify uses the same link for everyone (and this doc uses the doc owner’s credentials), so you’ll need to create a new playlist instead of using the link for “Your Top Songs 2021” playlist.
Go to your Spotify “Your Top Songs 2021” playlist and do Cmd + A on mac (or Ctrl + A on Windows) to select all the songs. Drag the songs into your new playlist.
Copy the link to your top songs playlist.
Add my Top Songs Playlist
and paste your playlist link under “Top Songs Playlist Link”. After your playlist has loaded, click on the “Add to All Tracks Table” button to populate your songs in .
Your Spotify Top Songs 2021
Top Songs Playlist
Playlist Preview
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Kelsey Chan
Kel B's Top Songs 2021
drivers license
If the World Was Ending (feat. Julia Michaels)
Don't Give Up On Me - (From "Five Feet Apart")
Dancing With Your Ghost
Kelsey Chan
Kel C's Top Songs 2021
drivers license
Est-ce que tu m'aimes ? - Pilule bleue
Love Someone
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