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Ice Breaker Bingo

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Ice Breaker Bingo

Use this human bingo card to get to know new people! 🤝

Instructions for each participant

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Ask each other questions to find out who identifies with statements on your bingo card.
When you find a person who matches a statement on a card, take a photo with them and click on the card to fill out more details.
When you’ve completed 5 spaces in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), you’ve won! A card is considered completed once you’ve filled out the person’s name and attached a photo. You may only fill out one card for a given person.

Bingo status
no bingo yet
Bingo Board
finished reading a book within the past 30 days
was born the same month as you
enjoys watching reality TV
is the same astrological sign as you
has a different phone brand than you
has plants in their background
does not drink coffee
plays video games
shares the same pet peeve as you
runs regularly
has the same taste in music
rides their bike to work (when they go to work)
[Free] any person
has once traveled to the same place as you
took a class during the pandemic
has never been outside of the country
developed the same pandemic hobby as you
dislikes tomatoes
is wearing the same / a similar outfit to you
born in the same month as you
lives in the same state as you
speaks more than two languages
enjoys musicals
plays more than one sport
has the same favorite food as you

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