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The purpose of this doc is to help you keep a handy inventory of your belongings as you pack. This will help immensely upon unpacking when you’re looking for {insert super important item here} and can’t believe you forgot the box it was in, despite your pretty thorough labeling.
I suggest, as you can see in the image above, that you label all boxes/containers with this information:
box number
this will help quickly identify between boxes when using this inventory system
numbered boxes also help easily make sure none are missed when using professional movers and boxes will be out of your possession for a period of time
room it belongs in
this will help movers (or you) move more quickly and efficiently
if there are items from multiple rooms, choose the room with the most relevant items, or a room out of the way of the majority of the boxes if the items aren’t important
items inside
this list does not need to be exhaustive, but should give a general idea of the most important types of items inside at a quick glance
fragile/heavy indicators
you want there to be a quick and easy indicator of fragile and heavy items so boxes don’t get stacked in a poor manner that will damage what is inside
As you pack each item, use the button on the page to log it into a box. You will then be able to use the search bar on that page, or in the top left corner of the doc, to search for any item and retrieve its exact numbered box without having to scroll through the full list!
I have also supplied a list of that I like to use for your convenience, which includes a few packing tips.
Once you have familiarized yourself with the doc, you can click the button below to clear my dummy data from the table so you can start fresh. It will not clear the or tables.
Fresh Start
I hope this doc helps you have the least stressful move you’ve ever had!
- Kelly-Anne ✌️
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