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The Ultimate Cocktail Generator

Spice up your home bar and flex those mixology muscles with this spirit based generator.

When you hear the word “cocktail,” what’s your first thought?

Dank Brooklyn bars with overdressed bartenders and even more overpriced drinks?

Carrie Bradshaw and ‘90s fashion trends?

Mustachioed bros with suspenders telling you about the wonders of clear ice?

What about cocktails as magic? ✨

I know it sounds crazy, but when you think about distillation and the flavors that fermenting things in barrels can create - alcohol in its various forms and dilutions is quite magical.
Use this doc as your own, personal Grimoire to get your feet wet with making, rating and shopping for your own adventures in booze-infused wizardry.

How to use this doc:

Select your spirit from the dropdown menu (bourbon, rum, tequila, vodka, or gin) and hit “Cocktail Me” for a random beverage recipe.
No spirit preference? No problem! Take a sip on the wild side and hit “Shuffle Me” for a totally random elixir!
As you experiment, use the page to view what you’ve created, manage your tasting notes, as well as add and rate cocktails.
Brand new to high falutin’ boozing? Check out the for spirit and tool recommendations.
Ready to dive a little deeper? Take a look at the page to learn more about tasting notes and start adding your own.

Now, let’s mix some potions 🪄

🧉 Rum
Cocktail Me!
Shuffle Me!


Looking for something new?

Add a New Cocktail

What’s next?

Copy this doc
, invite friends, and create more magic, duh. 🌈

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