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The Dropbox Paper User's Guide to Coda

My name is Katy Turner, Customer Success Manager at Coda. In a prior role, I used Dropbox Paper extensively, for meeting notes, account planning and as an action item tracker.
After joining Coda, I was eager to explore how Coda docs can help me become more organized, minimize switching between tools, and to understand the power of everything Coda can do. While Coda’s design is extremely user-friendly, I picked up a few tips and tricks that may help anyone who has experience working with Dropbox Paper. I tried to mirror my learning process and point out the features I immediately leveraged in this doc.

Wait, what is Coda?

It's a doc!
Coda is a new type of document that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of applications into a single new canvas.
It lets you make a doc as powerful as an app.

What’s in this doc?

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