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Collect, Assign, Track & Answer Questions or Bugs

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Collect, Assign, Answer & Track

How to navigate and customize this doc for your team's needs.
Welcome! As a frequent culprit of having too many tabs open, I am particularly fond of tools that allow me to accomplish an entire workstream without having to navigate elsewhere.
I built this doc to show how you can use Coda to combine multiple tasks and house them in one place. The doc is currently set up to show how external parties can submit a question or bug, and teams can assign, track, and answer each — without opening a new tab.
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You can copy this doc and easily repurpose for other needs such as:
Inbound sales
Job applications
Event sign-ups or coordination
General questions

Feel free to use part or all, and to customize the below elements for your team’s needs!

External Form

Can be embedded on another website, and does not require a Coda account for form submission

Ticket tracker

Collects all the form submissions (in real-time), and provides:
team views of open tickets
an easy way to to assign new tickets
individual team member views
a dashboard with team KPIs

Knowledge base

A repository where team members can go to find scripted answers to common questions

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