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Coda + Salesforce for Sales & Success

SFDC + Coda Team Starter Kit

The ultimate SFDC + Coda template for individuals or teams!
SJ Crawford
Mahan Karimi
Salesforce + Coda... The ultimate experience for your team!
In this doc, we’ve put together a number of different pages and views powered by the Salesforce pack to display the different use cases where it can be used.

What is the value of Salesforce + Coda?
You’ll be able to leverage this doc as your single source of truth when cross collaborating with different teams. Using Coda will provide easy visibility for everyone on the team (including those who don’t have a Salesforce license). While Salesforce is the source for much of the data, Coda allows collaboration, discussion, and planning for a course of action. No more hopping between open Salesforce tabs — everything lives in one place!
How do I get started?

Make a copy
of this doc and link your Salesforce pack to insert your data. You can sync in reports to form the base tables.

Review this intro guide to learn how to access the Salesforce pack, sync reports, and create action buttons.
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What does this doc contain?

Pages for the executive, team manager, and team members to review all pipeline revenue by account and opportunity.
: see a snapshot of each account, including the latest updates
: multiple options for viewing account and opportunity revenue, grouped in different ways. Find the pages that suit your team best, and delete any you do not need!
: grow this page (and make any subpages) to cover hot topics in each team meeting.

Example of a team member’s personal pages.
: See dashboards and grid views of their pipeline
: assign account priority
: log calls, draft emails from Coda
: update next steps on opportunities quickly
: view their outreach efforts across accounts and contacts.
The base tables that power the doc!
Typically, this section will be hidden.
Each base table has its own page, and no filtering or modifications. Keeping the data in this form makes it easy to add columns, functionality, and to view everything.

How does it work?
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Look for the:
dropdown on every page to learn more about the mechanics for each page!

How can I learn more?

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Let’s get started!
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