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Metrics: user engagement, retention, conversion rates
Launch date: Q3 2023
Focus on ease of use and intuitive UI
Ability to crop, resize, and add text to images
Integration with social media platforms
Collaboration features for team use
Mobile app version in development
Customizable filters and effects
In-app tutorials and support
Compatibility with various file types (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
Targeting small business owners and social media influencers
Integration with existing marketing tools
Option to save and reuse image templates
A/B testing functionality for image variations
Data analytics to track performance
In-app purchase options for premium features
Regular updates and improvements based on user feedback
Extensive testing and quality assurance before launch
Marketing campaign to promote new image editor upon launch
Feedback from user research:
Advanced editing tools: Users want more advanced features for retouching, object selection, and filters.
Ease of use: Customers desire an intuitive interface with clear labeling and customizable workspaces.
Performance and speed: Concerns raised about sluggishness when working with large image files. Real-time previews and fast rendering requested.
Enhanced batch processing: Ability to apply edits to multiple images simultaneously for improved efficiency.
Integration with cloud services: Seamless access to cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive for collaboration and remote access.
Non-destructive editing: Users want the ability to make changes without permanently altering the original image.
Presets and templates: More options for pre-defined styles and effects to expedite editing process.
Integration with third-party plugins: Desire to extend functionality with third-party plugins or extensions.
Improved exporting options: Control over output formats, compression, color profiles, and metadata settings.
Tutorials and learning resources: Comprehensive tutorials, guides, and community forum for learning and sharing.

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