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Katy Turner
K-Turn Funster
Katy Turner is a thrill-seeker who has bungee jumped off the world's highest bridge. She also enjoys baking and hiking in her spare time.
Erin Dame
Erin the Dame-tastic
Erin Dame is a lover of all things outdoors and once hiked to the top of a volcano in Bali just to roast marshmallows.
David Kossnick
Kossy Davy Dave
David Kossnick: He once ate 50 chicken nuggets in one sitting and still managed to run a 5k the next day. Loves dogs and puns.
Myles Gleason
Gleasonator Extraordinaire
Myles Gleason is a thrill-seeking adventurer who has bungee jumped off the tallest bridge in the world and lived to tell the tale.
Kenny Wong
K-Wow the King
Kenny Wong: lover of spicy food and adventure seeker. Once climbed Mount Everest base camp in Nepal! 🏔️🌶️
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Work from AI (WFAI) as the new WFH
"Revolutionizing Remote Work: Embrace WFAI as the Future WFH”
Maria Marquis
As the pandemic forced many companies to adopt work from home (WFH) policies, a new trend is emerging - work from AI (WFAI). With the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, more and more tasks previously done by humans are being automated. This has led to a shift in the workforce, with jobs being redefined and new opportunities emerging for those with skills in AI and related fields. As companies adjust to this new normal, the question arises - what will the future of work look like?
Coda AI: Reflections after N weeks of usage
"Unleashing the Power of Coda AI: Insights and Impressions After N Weeks of Exploration”
Felix Marlin
Coda AI, a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to assist with document processing and analysis, has been in use for several weeks now. As businesses and organizations continue to navigate the challenges of remote work and digital transformation, Coda AI has become an increasingly valuable tool for streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. In this article, we will reflect on our experiences with Coda AI over the past few weeks and explore the ways in which it has impacted our work processes.
From “writing assistant” to “work assistant”: AI is evolving
"AI's Evolution: From Writing Assistant to Work Assistant with a Spicier Edge”
Joel Davis
As artificial intelligence continues to advance, it is no longer simply a tool for writing assistance. Instead, it is becoming a true work assistant, capable of handling an increasing number of tasks and responsibilities. From managing schedules to analyzing data, AI is evolving to become an integral part of the modern workplace. This shift is transforming the way we work, as businesses look to AI to streamline operations, increase productivity, and drive innovation. As the technology continues to improve, the possibilities for AI in the workplace are virtually limitless.
Productive AI: How productivity tools are taking different approaches to AI
"Revolutionizing Productivity: The Bold and Diverse AI Approaches in Productivity Tools”
Buck Dubois
As the use of artificial intelligence continues to grow in the workplace, productivity tools are taking different approaches to incorporating AI into their offerings. Some are focused on automating repetitive tasks, while others are using AI to provide personalized recommendations and insights to users. The goal for these tools is to ultimately increase efficiency and productivity for businesses and individuals alike.
AI in the workplace: embracing AI in your job
Embrace the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing the Workplace
Lola Tseudonym
As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, more and more businesses are embracing this technology in the workplace. While some may worry about the potential for job loss, there are actually many ways that AI can enhance and improve various job functions. From streamlining administrative tasks to providing valuable insights and data analysis, incorporating AI into the workplace can ultimately lead to increased efficiency and productivity.
Next Gen Generative AI at Work
"Revolutionizing AI: The Next Generation of Generative Technology Takes Over”
Buck Dubois
Generative AI has been making waves in the tech industry as companies look to automate and improve various processes. However, the next generation of generative AI promises to take things to a whole new level. With enhanced capabilities such as the ability to learn from limited data and generate more complex outputs, this technology is set to revolutionize industries ranging from healthcare to finance. As companies begin to integrate this cutting-edge technology into their operations, the possibilities for innovation and advancement seem endless.
Coda AI: more than a writing assistant
"Coda AI: Revolutionizing the Way You Write”
Lawrence Fitzgerald
Coda AI is revolutionizing the way we approach writing. This innovative software goes beyond the capabilities of traditional writing assistants, offering users a more personalized and efficient experience. With the ability to learn from previous writing samples and understand the context of a given piece, Coda AI is becoming an essential tool for professionals across various industries. Whether you're a journalist, marketer, or simply looking to improve your writing skills, Coda AI is the solution you've been waiting for.
AI for makers: Coda AI takes a new approach
"Coda AI revolutionizes AI for makers with its innovative approach”
Felix Marlin
Coda AI, a start-up focused on providing AI-powered tools for creators and makers, is taking a fresh approach to the field. Rather than building generalized AI models, Coda AI is developing specialized models that can be trained to recognize specific objects and patterns. This approach allows creators to easily integrate AI into their workflows and create more sophisticated products. With its unique approach, Coda AI is poised to make a big impact on the world of makers and creators.
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