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Summer Camp Planner for Parents

Take the pain out of creating a summer camp schedule for your kids with this planning tool.
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About this doc

Do you have school-aged children? Do you need to line up a summer camp schedule for your family? This doc can help make it easier...and maybe even fun.
Use it to:
Research camp options, include cost, theme, distance to your home, and more
Make a plan for which child will go to which camp, which weeks
Get automated reminders when registrations open up
Track registrations, important forms, and expenses
Add all camps to your Google Calendar with the click of a button
Best of all, it’s completely customizable to your needs.
Take a browse around. When you’re ready, come back to this page to set up your planner👇

How to use this doc

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Add your children

Replace the names in this table with your children’s names. Add or delete rows as necessary. Choose a color for each child for nice color-coding throughout this doc.
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