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Pro/Con List Maker

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Pro/Con List Maker

Use this upgraded pro/con list template to add and weight options blind, then reveal the total balance.

About this template

Have a decision to make? Use this Pro/Con list template to help get all the deciding factors in one place. You’ll add the factors “blind” – with the full list hidden – to reduce distraction and bias while you brainstorm. Here’s what to do:
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Clear sample data
Input your own decision question.
In Step 1, type an item – such as, “I would miss my neighborhood” – into the text box, then click one of the buttons to add as a pro or con.
For inspiration, click the yellow button to generate a brainstorming prompt.
In Step 2, add a weight for each item on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 are the smallest impact items and 5 are the largest.
When you’re done, open Step 3 to see your total balance.

The Decision: Should I move to Asheville?

Step 1: Brainstorm Pros & Cons

Add a Pro or Con

Add as Pro
Add as Con

Need ideas?

Generate brainstorming prompt
If a friend asked me for advice with this same decision, what would I tell them to think about?

Step 2: Add weights

Step 3: Reveal balance

What do you decide?

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