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Easy Paste Events to Family Google Calendar

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Easy School Events to Family Google Calendar

Take a text list of events from school, an extracurricular, or wherever and paste to create them as Google Calendar events in about 2 minutes flat


How to Use This Doc

Do you get schedules from your or your child’s school, sport, or extracurricular activity — but annoyingly formatted as a text list of events? Use this doc to harness the power of Coda AI to get those items on your family Google Calendar.
Here’s what to do:
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Connect to your Google Calendar account. Go to Insert → Packs → Google Calendar → Settings and select your Google Calendar account.
If you’d like events to go to a specific calendar you’ve already created in your account, such as “Sarah’s School Events”, scroll down to the Events table at the bottom of this page. In the “Add to Google Calendar” column, select “Column Options.” In the menu that pops up, under Settings, click “Add More → Calendar”. Then select your desired calendar from the dropdown list.
Paste your text in Step 1! Paste your list of events, ensuring that date/time info is included.
Wait about 30 seconds while Coda does its thing.
Check your events once they appear under Step 2, and edit as needed – for example, to label which school the event is associated with, or to correct errors from the AI. Optionally add a location and/or description.
Click “Add all events to Google Calendar”, or add them one by one.
Boom! You’re organized & ready to rock.

New to Coda?

You’re going to love it. It’s like your favorite doc, calendar, spreadsheet, and task planner merged and added automations. Get ready to get addicted!

Step 1: Paste Your List of Events

Paste your list of events here and click submit
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Step 2: Add to Google Calendar

Add all events to Google Calendar
Clear events
Recommended before uploading a second calendar
Event name
Start time
End time
Event description (optional)
Location (optional)
Add to Google Calendar
Link to event (available once added)
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