RPO Cooperation with MatcHR

At MatcHR we like to work in full transparency. Below is a detailed step by step workflow how we will work together.

Before we start 🏁

Before we start we need to get some information to hit the ground running and align on the right priorities.

You will send us the job descriptions for the roles you would like us to work on
If available you will send us the (estimated) hiring plan for the next quarter(s)
We have an intake call to discuss all requirements of our cooperation:
Discuss the roles we will be sourcing on and hiring priorities
Define scope of our work (sourcing, screening, scheduling, offering, onboarding)
Discuss process requirements (e.g. usage of ATS, frequency of update calls, etc.)
Discuss templates to be used to approach candidates and information that can be shared
Discuss companies not to be approached from
Discuss current recruitment process
Align on reporting cycle
Confirm start date of our cooperation
Plan follow up meeting to discuss

Start cooperation: Hiring plan 🗺️

Communication 🤝

Preparation and intake calls 🤙

Execution of search, qualification and IV process 🚀

Candidate experience ❤️

Continuous steps 🔄

Hires 🎉

Onboarding new employees ➡️

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