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RPO Cooperation with MatcHR

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RPO Cooperation with MatcHR

At MatcHR we like to work in full transparency. Below is a detailed step by step workflow how we will work together.

Before we start 🏁

Before we start we need to get some information to hit the ground running and align on the right priorities.
You will send us the job descriptions for the roles you would like us to work on
If available you will send us the (estimated) hiring plan for the next quarter(s)
We have an intake call to discuss all requirements of our cooperation:
Discuss the roles we will be sourcing on and hiring priorities
Define scope of our work (sourcing, screening, scheduling, offering, onboarding)
Discuss process requirements (e.g. usage of ATS, frequency of update calls, etc.)
Discuss templates to be used to approach candidates and information that can be shared
Discuss companies not to be approached from
Discuss current recruitment process
Align on reporting cycle
Confirm start date of our cooperation
Plan follow up meeting to discuss

Start cooperation: Hiring plan 🗺️

Depending on the availability of data we will create a hiring plan in the first three days of our cooperation.
If available we like to receive data on (if available):
Time to hire
Conversions per recruitment stage
We will do a market research on the following data points:
Market volume
Salary benchmark
Glassdoor reviews
Analyses current employees on LinkedIn
Example of market research
Schermafbeelding 2021-01-12 om 22.47.13.png
We will create a sourcing strategy based on your requirements
Example of sourcing strategy
Schermafbeelding 2021-01-12 om 18.23.45.png
Together we will create an expected recruitment funnel based on your and our data
Example of recruitment funnel
Schermafbeelding 2021-01-12 om 18.20.00.png
Discuss overall hiring plan and optimize recruitment process where possible
Plan daily, weekly and monthly communication moments

Communication 🤝

We like to be in continuous communication with you. However, we have a set of predefined communication moments during our cooperation.


In the first week and sometimes the second week we have a daily check in to discuss our progress. We give a short update on our actions and our progress and discuss any questions that might arise.
Schermafbeelding 2020-12-16 om 20.17.47.png


Every week we have a half an hour update call to discuss our progress. We discuss candidates that are in the process, share some of our learnings and discuss the priorities.


Every month we have an hour review of our cooperation. We share the actual number of all the activities in the month, compare this to previous months and if needed to external data. We share learnings from both sides and agree on the priorities for the next month.
Schermafbeelding 2021-01-12 om 22.23.44.png

Quick communication: Slack / Whatsapp

With several of our clients we communicate directly into their slack. With other who don’t use slack we communicate via Whatsapp.

Preparation and intake calls 🤙

Request client to fill out intake forms per role
We will pre-fill the intake form(s) based on job descriptions
Schedule call with hiring managers (1 hour) to discuss the role based on our intake form
We build a sourcing strategy
We create outreach messages for LinkedIn, email and other platforms
We will find first 10 candidates per role to iterate on with hiring manager(s) and/or recruiters
We create interview scripts
Schedule shadow interview calls with recruiters
Optional check on inbound strategy (vacancy texts, jobboards, social media)
Receive full access to ATS (if possible)
Together agree on:
Sourcing strategy
First 10 profiles
Outreach templates,
Interview scripts

Execution of search, qualification and IV process 🚀

Prepare timeline and targets for the week and month
We will start to source based on initial sourcing strategy
We will start to outreach and interview candidates
Schedule call with candidates that replied positively
Prepare call with candidate by reviewing his / her profile, drafting initial questions
Perform call with candidate (follow the IPMERC rules for the interview part):
Check on fit for the role based on the evaluation criteria set out by the client
Check the technical and cultural match
Agree on way of working / Rules of Engagement
Salary expectations (be very specific)
Send candidate a follow-up email in which you explicitly confirm the Rules of Engagement and salary expectations
Prepare candidate introduction with client (in case good client) based on the agreed evaluation criteria
Send candidate introduction to client directly or via the ATS with a follow-up email and remind them of the agreed turnaround time and request a call to discuss candidate / batch of candidates
Push client for feedback in case the deadline expired and highlight why we need feedback fast (competitive market, candidate’s availability, candidate received another offer, candidate in process with other companies)
Perform call with client on candidates to get feedback and potentially exchange views on candidates in case of open points after evaluation form. Also discuss what the interviews look like
Do a preparation for the interview including:
Communicate within 24 hours to candidates whether they have been invited for an interview
Schedule a preparation call with candidates before the interview
Send the candidate preparation material
Perform preparation call with candidate and schedule evaluation call
In case applicable: share latest insight pre-interview with the client and schedule evaluation call (per candidate)
Feedback on the candidate:
Perform evaluation call with candidate
Note down all questions and interview details that the candidate has shared
Perform evaluation call with client
Call with candidate about client feedback and follow-up
Schedule potential next rounds and follow the same logic as above

Candidate experience ❤️

Constant follow up with candidates and answer any questions regarding the role and hiring process, if needed remind the hiring team to provide feedback
Communicate within 24 hours to candidates whether they have been invited for an interview
Schedule a preparation call with candidates before the interview (if needed)
Send the candidate preparation material
In case applicable: share latest insight pre-interview with the client and schedule evaluation call

Continuous steps 🔄

Keep track of numbers while sourcing (ongoing) (conversions, submitted candidates, open rates)
Keep track of numbers while interviewing (ongoing) (how many interviews and conversions through the process)
Adjust search/inmails/channels etc. to optimize sourcing (ongoing)
Capture all candidate information in ATS (ongoing)
Perform update calls (ongoing)
Discuss weekly results with MatcHR team to share learning and leverage this (ongoing)
Have weekly catch-up with Hiring Managers
Arrange get-together activities for the recruiter and the in-house team to understand and become part of the culture of the company (online activities, coffees, quick catch-ups or On-site day for the recruiter once we can go back to the office)

Hires 🎉

Call the candidate pre job offer to confirm all details that he wants
Call with the Hiring Manager to prepare a job offer to share the details (creating space) and confirm what the client has communicated before
Send the offer to the candidate (either via the recruiter or include us on the email)
Negotiate contract and make offer with candidates

Onboarding new employees ➡️

Confirm the starting date both with candidate and hiring manager
Discuss the process of the contract of the candidate (who will create it, how long does it take to send it out)
Check what the candidates need regarding the equipment
Help with payroll & compliance when hiring remotely​

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