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Welcome to Coda for Product Managers!

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! You can use Coda to create a single source of truth for all your team’s writeups, designs, roadmaps, decisions, and more — a product team hub.
We’ll walk you through some examples of how to create your team hub in under 5 mins.

📝 There are two important things to know about Coda.

Coda is a collaborative doc.

Coda is just like the other real-time document editors you’re familiar with, but with a few new tricks (that we’ll show you below).

Coda is customizable.

A Coda doc can be as lightweight as a simple writeup or as powerful as a multi-team project tracker - whatever your team needs.

🛠️ Now, let’s start setting up your team hub.

1. Bring your tools into one doc.

If you haven’t yet synced your outside tools—or you’d like to bring in more—type /page embed below this box to bring Figma designs, Amplitude dashboards, and other important links right into this doc. .

Go ahead and close your other tabs — all your team’s work now lives in a single place!
Try typing /page embed here →

2. Build custom workflows.

Start using templates by simply typing /explore templates, and easily tailor them to fit your team’s needs.

Try typing /explore templates here →

Suggested templates to start with:

Standup Notes

Share updates, check team sentiment, and address any blockers.
→ Click + New page on the bottom of the left navigation bar & type /standup notes on the page


Product Requirements Doc (PRD)

Align your stakeholders on an upcoming project.
→ Click +New page & type /product requirements


Product Roadmap

Track statuses, communicate your plans, and align team expectations.
→ Click +New page & type /product roadmap


3. Collaborate with teammates.

Get your team on the same page (literally) by typing /share.

Don’t worry about waiting until your doc is perfect before sharing. Building, refining and growing the hub with your team gets you there sooner. Coda ♥️’s co-creation!


🤝 And there you have it — a doc with all your team’s tools and workflows that you can start collaborating in.

We encourage you to keep growing this team hub and evolving it with your teammates. ​
If you ever need help, head to the ? in the bottom right of your screen.
Happy building!

💡 Bonus: see how the world’s best product teams use Coda

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