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Welcome to the Executive Assistant Dashboard!

Have you struggled to keep track of competing requests for your principal’s time? Lost a critical travel reservation number in the depths of email inboxes? Or scrambled to put together meaningful meeting briefs with up to date information? If you’ve faced any of these challenges - or just found yourself overwhelmed with endless apps and open tabs - you’re in the right place! This Coda doc was built specifically to help Executive Assistants juggle their responsibilities and bring everything into one place.
What’s a Coda doc, you ask?
are interactive online documents that combine the functionalities of documents and databases to create powerful tools and solutions for various tasks and workflows.
Think of this doc as a trusty sidekick to help you manage incoming requests, coordinate travel and keep your principal up to speed. We know you work hard to support your principal, so this tool is meant to take the hassle out of admin tasks and communications. No more headaches—just smoother planning, a happier principal, and scalable systems!

For You, the EA

Your HQ is your home base for all your work. Compile important information in the Wiki; track tasks, requests and calendars; and plan travel right from the HQ.

For Your Principal

Customize the Synch dashboard below with intentionally curated information that will support your principal in the midst of their workflow. The page is optimized for mobile so it is easy to use on the go.

To Get Started...

Make a copy of this doc and feel free to rename it.
Copy this doc to get started!
Start exploring the
When you feel like you have a good handle on the system, head over to
and and use the red Delete all Data buttons to remove any sample data.
Brain dump relevant information into the
Connect your principal’s Google Calendar to the Table to pull meeting information and allow for easy creation of and
Update the with your Principal’s preferences, frequent destinations and hotel options.
Customize the Dashboard and share it with your principal to use as a shared source of truth. Use the page for weekly updates!

You can also go straight into any table below in the Core Tables page. This can make it easy to brain dump information, tasks, etc. in one place to get started!

Behind the Scenes

These are the tables that power the rest of the dashboard.
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