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As a fractional COO and workflow consultant, I bring a different perspective to my work with coda: I have built solutions for myself and love building them for others too. I look to build systems that simplify, centralize, and optimize what's working—and fix and automate what's not.
Coda is a super-powerful and super-flexible tool, but unless you’ve spent time learning it, it may be overwhelming.
That’s where I come in.
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I will meet with you and everyone who will be using the solution you need, so that I build something that works for everyone on your team.
I will keep you and key team members apprised, asking for feedback to ensure the final product meets your needs.
And I will train you and your team on how to use the new system, and if you’d like, also how to maintain it.
You also get the benefit of my extensive knowledge as a workflow consultant (and fractional COO), and a slack channel where you can ask questions for a month after delivery.
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Reviews ⭐️

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Nothing but the highest praise for Karina! Karina was recommended to our organization when we needed help optimizing our experience with Coda. And help us she did! She asked all the right questions to make sure our requirements were clearly understood by all parties, provided options on how to solve problems and then set about to do the work. She was very efficient with her time. Karina is exactly the type of consultant you want on your team.
Edible Schoolyard NYC
Have really enjoyed working with Karina! She caught on to the many different ways our business was using Coda quickly and has been a huge asset to our team ever since. She works quickly, efficiently and is able to save our team many, many hours with the various Coda docs that we have created and tweaked together.
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What I can help with

✅ Complete workflows and systems

✅ Optimizing and automating processes

✅ Integrating coda with other tools

✅ Process design

✅ Implementation

✅Team training

Areas of expertise

✅ Project Management

✅ HR and Performance

✅ Calendar Management

✅ Small to Medium Businesses

✅ Finance

✅ Operations

See my work

Calendar Manager
Finance Manager
Expense Tracker

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